1. Fr. Anderson Maxwell announces the pending ordination of our Lay Ministers Carl Scipio and Marc Haynes.

Good day my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I am sure that you will be overjoyed to learn that our two Lay Evangelists, Carl Scipio and Mark Haynes are to be ordained Deacons. Thirteen other Lay Evangelists will be ordained at the Ordination Service which takes place next Wednesdsy 29th June at 3.00 pm at St. Michael and All Angels church in Diego Martin.
No doubt attendance will be limited but we can all lift up Carl and Mark and the other ordinands in prayer.
Fr. Maxwell

2. Social Outreach Committee

The Social Outreach Committee thanks parishioners and other contributors for assisting in allowing the committee to distribute 232 food baskets to families in need over the period January to May 2022.

The committee looks forward to your continued support. For those who are new to the effort, please call the parish office (640-4429) for information on how you can contribute.

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