Anglican Church Men’s Society (ACMS)

Brings the men of the church together in a common effort to promote the glory of God, to help forward the work of the Church and to emphasize family life and the responsibility of fatherhood Contact link.

Bible Study

To foster knowledge and understanding of the Word of God and so better equip members for Christian living. Contact link.

Building and Lands Committee

Manages the properties of the parish ensuring that rental revenues and taxes are properly administered, properties are well maintained and records of title are kept up-to-date. Contact link.

Caring Committee

Visits are made to the sick at home and at hospitals, offering prayers and comfort in their time of need. Visits are also made to shut-ins, arranging assistance where possible. Contact link.

Education Committee

Organizes the educational programmes in the parish including Christian Education in parish schools and Government schools. Contact link.

Finance Committee

Complies the annual budget, administers funds in accordance with regulations and Vestry guidelines, arranges for collection, security and banking of monies, prepares monthly statements, manages Investments and other financial matters. Contact link.

Prayer Group

To pray with and for those in need, including the sick, shut-ins, the bereaved and others Contact link.

Mothers’ Union

Promotes the well-being of families and all that strengthens Christian family life and the vital role of women in Christian fellowship. The Mothers’ Union is a worldwide Anglican organization which provides helpful support to churches and the community. Contact link.


St. Mary’s has a vibrant musical ministry with three main choirs. The traditional choir, the St. and the youth choir sing at Sunday and other special services. The choirs also participate in various parish conceits and regional festivals Contact link.

Sanctuary Guild

Custodians of the sacristy supplies. Maintains a clean and uplifting environment within the sanctuary, prepares the altar and its immediate surroundings for services and cares for communion tableware and vessels. Contact link.

Social Outreach Committee

social outreach
Addresses social and financial needs on a local and global basis, directing resources to various missions or individuals as deemed necessary. Contact link.

Special Events Committee

Arranges and organizes the major fellowship and fund raising events of the parish including harvest thanksgiving and the parish country fair. Contact link.

Stewardship Committee

Organizes the stewardship programme of the parish, encourages members to pledge through the stewardship programme, collates financial information relative to stewardship revenue, liaises with the finance committee in the preparation of the budget. Contact link.

Worship Committee

Advises the Vestry on times of services and structure of services in the parish, arranges and coordinates Sunday school classes, and coordinates and arranges for lay readers. Contact link.

Youth Group

Some Youth
Provides a forum for young people of the parish to participate in group activities including sport, discussions, bible study, music and other social fellowship activities. Contact link.


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