Current Priests

Fr. Anderson Maxwell. Priest in Charge.

2015 to Present

2000 to 2014- Assistant Curate.

Fr. Titus Ackbarali Assistant Curate

Serves the parish since 2015

Rev. Presbyter Danielle Andre

Was ordained and assigned in 2021.

Current and Past Priests

2020 to Present Rev Pr.  Danielle Andre
2015 to Present Rev Titus Ackbarali Priest
2015 to Present Rev Anderson Maxwell (Parish Priest)
2000 to 2014 Rev Anderson Maxwell (Assistant Curate)
1998 to 2014 Rev Jemmott Hazlewood
1995-1998 Rev Duncan Clarke
1977-1993 Rev D S Benjamin
1969-1977 Rerv R J Metivier
1959-1968 Rev S K Cumberbatch
1956 Rev Jessop
1955 Rev Albert Jones
1948-1954 Rev A W Parfitt
1931-1947 Rev K Bhagan
1925-1931 Rev George McCarthy
1923 Rev I Hamilton
1920-1923 Rev Boodle
1920 Rev Elliot Ince
1899-1919 Rev W M Springer
1890-1895 Rev Farrel
1878-1889 Rev A Ramden (Built St Aidan ‘s Church)
1847-1885 Rev H Richards (Completed the Rectory Building)
1845 Rev I Hamilton (Built the Rectory)
1837 Rev Mort and Rev H Richards
1825-1830 Rev J Keston and Rev J Pinder


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