Youth Ministry

We help to nurture our young children to see the joys of Christian values. Our Sunday School caters for children five to eleven and Pre-Confirmation sessions for older children. Our Youth Group is involved in the youth choir and a number of other activities.

Sunday School

Sunday School is the major activity organized for our young children between the ages of 4 and 11 years old. The session is conducted in a separate facility during the Sunday morning Eucharist Service.  This allows young parents to bring their kids along with them to Sunday worship. At Sunday School, children are introduced to Jesus and Bible stories from the old and New Testament. Other fun activities are also organized by the facilitators


Confirmation classes are organized for the older children who are preparing to be confirmed. In these classes, children are taught about the basic belief and doctrine of the Anglican Faith as defined in the catechisms. After completion of confirmation classes, young children are confirmed with the laying of hands by the Bishop in a special confirmation service in the parish.

Youth Group and Activities

There are several group activities in which our youth are involved. These include, but are not limited, to the Youth Group, the Youth Choir, and the Servers’ Guild. The Youth Group is usually involved in sports and outreach activities of the parish. One major activity of the Youth Group is the ALPHA programme which is held during the August/September vacation period. This programme is organized by the Parish Youth Council and presents a forum where Christian values and issues are discussed

Alpha Youth Program

All youth in the parish are invited to participate in this enlightening and faith building programme

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